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Core Values

1. Christian Education

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values a comprehensive curriculum that is fused with a biblical worldview whereby students study the world from a Christ-centered perspective, fostering enduring wisdom, discipline and faith.

2. Christian Leadership

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values school administrators and faculty who model and inspire excellence through their Christ-like example, intellectual curiosity, lifelong learning, and disciplined leadership.

3. Christian Stewardship

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values responsible corporate leadership that consistently provides a valuable education, offering a return on investment that meets or exceeds the expectations of its stakeholders.

4. Christian Diversity

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values being an independent, interdenominational Christian school that is available to families regardless of their race, denomination, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

5. Christian Maturity

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values a maturing faith in and walk with Jesus Christ, developing spiritual disciplines that include prayer, Bible study, worship, evangelism, stewardship, and service.

6. Christian Family Culture

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values a family culture that encourages everyone to identify and use their God-given gifts to the best of their ability, helping them to grow to their full potential.

7. Christian Partnerships

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values the biblical responsibility entrusted to the parent to educate their child and holds in trust the partnership between families, churches, and the community in the educational process.

8. Maximum Learning Opportunities

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values policies and procedures that promote the best atmosphere for scholarly learning, including class size, class schedule, after-school activities, homework, and tutoring.

9. Focus on Learning

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values high expectations for student learning with visible and continuous efforts to measure and improve, enabling them to attend any college of their choosing.

10. Safe and Orderly Environment

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values a discipline program that treats all students as God’s children and that teaches and expects behavior that is proper for ladies and gentlemen of honor.

11. Quality People

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values an exceptional professional staff that is compensated, educated, committed, and equipped to be rated among the best.

12. Quality Curriculum

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN values a curriculum program where students are encouraged to develop all of their abilities—intellectual, artistic, athletic, spiritual—using the best strategies, tools, and technology available.

13. Quality Facilities

SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL values the development and responsible maintenance of facilities that support and reflect the school’s vision and mission.


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